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Covenant of our South Asian United Methodist Church

WE THE PEOPLE from South Asia, as immigrants to the United States, have gathered together as the community of believers upon the encouragement, support and cooperation of the Fourth Street Unithed Methodist Church, Aurora, Illinois, this Thanksgiving, the 26th day of November, 1987, at St. Thomas united Methodist Church, Glen Ellyn, illinois, to form the South Asian Community Church in the Chicago area. We plan to develop, nurture, and provide ministries within the structure of the United Methodist Church. We shall endeavor to build the South Asian Church Center which may include: church building, community Center, South Asian Gardens (Retirement Home), CulturalCenter, Retreat Center, and Single Rooms.

We acknowledge our common ancestral and cultural background and confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We also acknowledge our Christian love and dedication by sharing together our gifts and graces in fellowship, worship, study, service, and building the Church in a cooperative and friendly atmosphere.

Our church seeks to practice, profess and propagate the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We wish to follow his example by reaching out to the relegious, spiritual, social, cultural, physical and holistic needs of all our members, South Asian community and to provide the Christian care to all the people in the world; with action programs using gifts and graces of our members.

Through prayer, faith, study, fellowship and service, we look to Jesus and the Holy Spirit as our "guiding Light" in all we do.


South Asian United Methodist Church
Sunnyside at Jefferson Street, Winfield, Illinois 60190
Phone: 1 (630) 466-7544
Every Sunday
4:00pm- Worship Service in Hindi, Urdu and English
4:30pm- Sunday School Classes for Children
5:15pm- Fellowship Hour with Refreshments