About Us

Historical Background

The historic birthing of the South Asian Community Church
was celebrated on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1987, at 11:30
A.M. at St. Thomas United Methodist Church, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
The new congregation was formed for South Asian immigrants
from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and others
who have similar ancestral and cultural heritage.

Vision of Our Journey of Faith

The New Congregation made the covenant with God and one
another on the historic birth of the Church. The covenant was that
this congregation would plan to develop, nurture, and provide
ministries within the frame-work of the United Methodist Church,
and hopefully to become fully affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

The historic chartering of our church took place on Sunday,
November 24, 1996 when the congregation was formally incorporated
into the United Methodist Church as South Asian United Methodist Church.

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Holy Communion is served the first Sunday of Every month

Vision Objectives

There are 250,000 South Asians, the second largest Asian
population in Illinois, approximately 6,000 people are Christians.
We can expect an average of 23,000 new Asian Indian Immigrants
every year in this country due to “chain immigration.”

Caring Assimilation: These immigrants need linkages with each other for culturalization, socialization, and support for the expression of their Christian faith, witness and mission

Ministry of Word and Sacrament: The major focus of the ministry of the South Asian United Methodist Church is to provide a ministry of Word and Sacrament. The importance of this congregation is that it provides the opportunity to worship in their own language in an environment sensitive to their cultural background. A secondary ministry is offered in conjunction with worship is the opportunity for fellowship and the natural “networking” process that occurs when church gathers for sharing and caring.

Caring Outreach to Non-Christians: Some 97% of the South Asian immigrants are non-Christians, and the majority of them are Hindus (83%) and Moslems (11%). Since the process of “Americanization” and “Christianization” of these Immigrants has already started on its own, the South Asian United Methodist Church plans to evangelize and provide Christian care to these immigrants.

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Installation of James William as Lay Leader of the Church

South Asian United Methodist Church
Sunnyside at Jefferson Street, Winfield, Illinois 60190
Phone: 1 (630) 466-7544
Every Sunday
4:00pm- Worship Service in Hindi, Urdu and English
4:30pm- Sunday School Classes for Children
5:15pm- Fellowship Hour with Refreshments