Outreach Ministries

Our Church Honors Young Children For
Their Service To Various Ministries

Aaron James has been taking offering since he was one year old.
Alsia James, a three year old for keeping people amused during The Worship Service.

Audrey Cynthia Das Puckett, Born on June 22, 2006 and Baptized on September 17, 2006, is the youngest member of our church. Audrey was honored for the paryerful support of her parents, Anjali and David, for our various life- chaning Ministies in India.

Ellen James supports Mission projects Out of Her Pocket Money. We received a letter from the Pastor of Fazilka Methodist Church in Punjab stating that "Ellen James, about 9 years old who is in 4th grade always sends donations out of her pocket money so that on Christmas and Easter, Lunger (dinner) can be served after the worship service. Please convey our appreciation and gratitude to Ellen, her parents, Sofia and Bobby James and members of the South Asian Congregation for her concerns about the poor people in India. It appears that Ellen, a small child, has learned the gift of giving and sharing her blessings with others in need."

Young Lay Missionaries Commissoned

Recently our Pastor, Dr. Man Singh Das, commissioned Young volunteers in our Church as Lay Missionaries. Every member in our Church has an opportunity to be a Minister and a Missionary who is willing to serve the Lord through various Ministries of The South Asian United Methodist Church. Following young members dedicated their lives for various Ministries in our Church and were Commissioned.
Paren Amar Deep, Kevin Amar Deep and
Vincent Dhan
- for dignfying the Sanctuary of our Lord by setting up and cleaning the Sanctuary after the Worship Service.
Jennifer Dhan - Lighting the altar candles
Ellen James -Nursery and Music
Aaron James - Taking offering
In addition, these children have made commitments to be part of our Youth Choir and would be willing to help in any way they can. Thank you. God Bless you and use you for His Glory.

South Asian United Methodist Church has Adopted Fazilka City as a Shalom Community

The South Asian United Methodist Church of Winfield, Illinois has adopted Fazilka City in Punjab, India as a Shalom Community and established sister relationship with Fazilka Methodist Church.
Fazilka, a county-seat in Ferozpore District is located near Pakistan border. The City has a population of about 100,000 and people are mostly laborers, working on farms or brick manufacturing industry. The children of the poorest of the poor are unable to obtain a basic education and medical care. The South Asian United Methodist Church along with Fazilka Methodist Church plans to establish a Community outreach program for the slums of Fazilka. Fazilka Methodist Church in Delhi Regional Conference of MCI is about 100 years old. The personage has deteriorated and walls have collapsed. The South Asian United Methodist Church as a partner in Mission with our sister church in Punjab, India, will assist in building a new parsonage. The South Asian United Methodist Church will provide $5,000 for building materials and the labor will be supplied by the Fazilka Methodist Church. Other areas of partnership between the two congregations will include: sharing of gifts and God’s blessings with one another, pulpit exchange, evangelism, youth camps, lay leadership development and Community Outreach program for the slums of Fazilka.
NOTE: South Asia United Methodist Church has already provided $5,000 for the construction of a new parsonage of The Fazilka Methodist Church. In addition another $1,000 has been provided for the purchase of a new submersible pump for the church compound and the Methodist graveyard.

South Asian Mission Tours

Our church has been conducting Mission tours since 1992 for mission, witness, educational and cross-cultural experiences along with volunteer mission work.

South Asian Family Retreats

Two Retreats for South Asian Immigrants - during the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, are held each year at Wesley Woods Conference Center, Williams Bay, Wisconsin.
The purpose for these family Retreats is fellowship, spiritual renewal, fun, singing, education, discussion, worship, dialogue, recreation, time outdoors, time to see old friends and time to make new friends.

South Asian Annual conventions (Revival Meetings)

These meetings provide an opportunity to a large number of South Asian immigrants in the Chicago area for fellowship, worship, study and renewal of our Christian faith along with an opportunity for socialization, culturalization and the natural "networking."

Scholarships for College Education

The intent of this Ministry is to assist our South Asian young people in obtaining a basic college education. Grants are limited to members of our Church. The scholarships may range from $100 to maximum of $1000 per year for full-time study, depending on need, costs, and total number of applicants.

South Asian Community Dinners Christmas, Easter and other special occasions
Annual Christmas and Easter Pageants For South Asian Immigrants by our Children and Youth
Caring Ministry for New South Asian Immigrants

These new Immigrants need linkages with each other for culturalization, socialization, assimilation, and support for the expression of their Christian faith, witness and mission.

Bible Study and Cottage Prayer Meetings

We try to hold prayer meetings in different homes for Bible study, discussions, worship and fellowship during Christmas, Holy week and at special occasions, such as; birthdays and anniversaries, etc

South Asian Witness

A journal of Evangelism is published four times a year in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

India Re-connect Mission Projects

Our church raised about $8,000 for four India Re-Connect Mission Projects --$5,000 for the construction of a new parsonage at Failka Methodist Church in Punjab, India, $1,000 for purchase of a new submersible pump for the Fazilka Church compound and the Methodist graveyard, $1,000 for room, board and tuition for four children at Stanley Girls Hostel, Hyderabad, and $1,000 for four children at William Moon Hostel, Tandoor, Hyderabad.


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